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Hope BC - (04/05) www.hopebc.com : Hope Slide
Hope BC is the Gold Gem of British Columbia Canada attracting busloads of visitors every year. If you are really interested in coming for a visit or living here, you have come to the right place.

This video shows you the "Hope Slide". Early in the dark morning of 9 January 1965, a small snowslide forced four people to stop their vehicles a few miles southeast of the town of Hope, B.C. (two hours east of Vancouver), on a stretch of the Hope-Princeton Highway below Johnson Peak. As those people contemplated waiting for clearing crews or turning around, a small earthquake below the mountain triggered the largest landslide ever recorded in Canada. Later named the Hope Slide, it obliterated the mountain\'s southwestern slope.

The slide buried the victims and their vehicles under a torrent of pulverized rock, mud, and debris 85 metres (nearly 300 feet) thick and 3 kilometres (about 2 miles) wide, which came down the 2000-metre (6000-foot) mountainside, consumed a lake, rode up the other side of the valley, and then rebounded again to slosh up the original slope before settling. Rescue crews only found two of the four dead—the others have remained entombed in the rock, with their cars, for 40 years.