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Hope BC - (05/05) www.hopebc.com : Hells Gate
Hope BC is the Gold Gem of British Columbia Canada attracting busloads of visitors every year. If you are really interested in coming for a visit or living here, you have come to the right place.

This video shows you the "Hells Gate", which is the name of a narrow canyon in the Fraser River between Yale and Boston Bar. This was the spot where river riders decided that the Fraser was not a navigable river. First Nations people climbed on the cliffs to skirt the rushing waters. In 1914 during construction of the CNR a blast caused a landslide which further congested Hells Canyon. The landslide interfered with the ability of the spawning salmon to make it through to their spawning grounds upriver. It is said that the salmon catch was reduced to one third what it had been.

It was not until 30 years later that an International Joint Commission attempted to rectify what had been an environmental disaster by building fishways for the salmon to use as they swam and jumped upstream.

In the 1970s an entrepreneur recognized that the site would be of interest to visitors. An airtram was constructed across the river. It moves from the height of the highway down to a flat space on the other side of the canyon. Today over 100,000 visitors from around the world visit Hells Gate every year. Aside from the tram ride which is a thrill in its own right, visitors can walk, sight-see, shop, eat, take pictures, and relax while listening to entertainment.