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The City Hall of the District of Hope BC provides Community Development information, District information, Governance and Services about the District of Hope. The Council and its staff are committed to making your visit a pleasurable experience.

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District of Hope building

City Map City of Hope
City Map (1914) City of Hope (in 1914 - copyrights apply)
District Map District of Hope
Address 348 Wallace Street, PO Box 609, Hope, BC V0X 1L0
Telephone 1-604-869-5671
Fax 1-604-869-2275
Toll-Free 1-866-226-4673
Office hours 8:30am to 4:30pm
Office days Monday through Friday, exclusive of Statutory Holidays
Email info@hope.ca
Website www.hope.ca


Hope Mayor

Mayor Susan Johnston Susan Johnston
Email : sjohnston@hope.ca
Susan Johnston spent nine (9) years on Hope District Council and after taking one term off she has returned as the Mayor!
The committee's that will be in her personal portfolio are the Fraser Valley Regional District Board, Fraser Valley Treaty Advisorary Committee, Zoning By-law Amendment Committee, Fraser Valley Regional Hospital District, Municipal Insurance Association of B.C. (Alternate) and the District of Hope Recreation Commission.
She has a vision for Hope's future and is committed to being a strong Ambassador!

Hope District Council

Role Name Email
Councillor Gerry Dyble Councillor Gerry Dyble gdyble@hope.ca
Councillor Tim Hudie Councillor Tim Hudie thudie@hope.ca
Councillor Donna Kropp Councillor Donna Kropp dkropp@hope.ca
Councillor Scott Medlock Councillor Scott Medlock smedlock@hope.ca
Councillor Peter Robb Councillor Peter Robb probb@hope.ca
Councillor Ron Smith Councillor Ron Smith rsmith@hope.ca

Who's Who at City Hall

If you have an enquiry regarding a permit, bylaw, land use or other questions regarding the District of Hope, here is a list of who to contact:

Role Name Email
Corporate Administration Officer John Fortoloczky cao@hope.ca
Director of Corporate Services Donna Bellingham dbellingham@hope.ca
Director of Finance Parissa Aujla paujla@hope.ca
Director of Community Development Scott Misumi smisumi@hope.ca
Director of Operations Ian Vaughan ivaughan@hope.ca
Building Inspector Curtis Gillingham cgillingham@hope.ca
Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy tdesorcy@hope.ca

Hope Landfill Site Hours (604-869-9065)

Wednesday to Saturday - 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Closed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Closed on Statutory Holidays